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Statement By Robert Hurt On Government Run Healthcare's Negative Effects On Seniors


Location: Chatham, VA

More Than 3,000,000 Seniors "Could See Changes In Their Premiums And Co-payments"

In light of today's report from the Associated Press (see here) that more than 3,000,000 seniors will be negatively affected by the Obama-Perriello government run healthcare plan, Republican Congressional Candidate in Virginia's Fifth District, Robert Hurt, released the following statement:

"Congressman Perriello's vote in favor of a government takeover of health care served as a devastating blow to seniors in the 5th District.

Despite the Congressman's best attempt to distort the facts on the campaign trail, he cannot hide from the reality that his vote for government run healthcare has led to a $500 billion cut for Medicare, and now, we find out that over 3 million seniors will have their coverage changed. Congressman Perriello's vote for government run healthcare not only hurts seniors, but kills jobs and negatively affects middle class families and small businesses.

"Congressman Perriello has made his priorities clear: he would rather vote lock-step in line with the liberal agenda of Nancy Pelosi and Democrats in Washington than do what is best for the people of central and Southside Virginia. This is why I have pledged to the people of the Fifth District that I will go to Washington and fight to repeal this plan and replace it with a common-sense policy that doesn't put the government in between doctors and patients."

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