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Statement by Senator Mark Pryor on the Red River Redevelopment Authority-Army Agreement


Location: Unknown

Senator Mark Pryor made the following statement on the long-sought agreement between the U.S. Army and the Red River Redevelopment Authority (RRRA), which will allow the RRRA to obtain an economic development conveyance (EDC) to redevelop the area at and around the former Lone Star Army Ammunition Plant in Texarkana, TX. The EDC will enable the RRRA to obtain the surplus military property at cost or no-cost, instead of paying full market value for the land.

This agreement between the Army and the RRRA is a victory for the Texarkana community. It will allow them to transform abandoned military land into economic development opportunities, attracting new businesses and jobs.

Over the past few years, it has been an honor to work with local, state and federal leaders determined to maintain the economic vitality of the region despite the plant's closure. I used this resolve to pass bipartisan legislation allowing communities to recover from base closures through more flexible land conveyances. We proved that common-sense could prevail over bureaucracy, and helped pave the way for today's announcement.

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