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Issue Position: Jobs & Economy

Issue Position

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The single biggest issue in this campaign is the economy and the most significant difference between me and my opponent is how we facilitate private sector growth. Where my opponent supported the failed stimulus package and believes that the federal government can best stimulate the economy through increased spending, my campaign believes that private sector growth is achieved by getting government out of the way. We stridently support:

Lower Taxes: Tax rates, especially in New York, are too high. To help struggling families, we clearly need property tax caps and to encourage growth and small business startups, we need lower overall tax rates and a simpler, more predictable tax code;

Streamlined Regulations: Businesses are facing duplicative, complex and onerous regulations which are preventing them from starting, growing and hiring new staff. Too often, companies are forced to navigate multiple permit and application processes which can cause unnecessary, costly delays in business start-up or expansion. Our legislators should work toward the elimination of duplicative agencies and the development of a clear, concise and fair set of regulatory requirements which promote smart growth.

Lower Health Care Costs: It is crucial that we work to lower health care costs--not through increased federal intervention and mandates as set forth in the recently signed health care reform bill--but through private sector competition, tort reform, health insurance cooperatives and the implementation of new incentives for people to become cost-conscious consumers of medical services.

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