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Blog: Legislative Update: Conservative Principles Create Mississippi Jobs


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Last year, President Obama and Nancy Pelosi said that this summer would be the summer of economic growth. 18 months and nearly a trillion dollars in bail out money later, our economy continues to grow at an anemic 1.6 percent. Our country's unemployment is a dismal 9.5 percent. In July, Mississippi's unemployment rose to 11.5 percent and much of South Mississippi is experiencing 10 percent unemployment. The housing market still struggles and it's even worse on the Coast, five years after Katrina, due to a lack of wind and water insurance protection. Meanwhile, our country awaits the inevitable tax increases mandated by ObamaCare. Times are tough, but Mississippians are resilient people.

I've long said that it is going to take Mississippi values to save our country. We've never been afraid to roll up our sleeves when our country calls on us. Our country needs us now and in 2010, South Mississippi matters.

Today in Jackson, through conservative principles, my legislative colleagues and I voted for an incentive package that will bring a $500 million dollar biofuel company to the state that will create 1000 jobs. Many of these jobs could locate in South Mississippi due to our vast timber resources that are necessary for the operation of the biofuel facilities. We also voted to authorize the development of four separate projects to stimulate job creation in D'Iberville. All of these economic projects come without saddling our state and children with debt.

In Mississippi, we are proving that a common sense, business approach to governance creates jobs. As your Congressman, I'll fight to ensure the federal government follows Mississippi as a model of fiscal responsibility. I applaud Governor Barbour and Lt. Governor Bryant for their conservative approach to job creation during these challenging economic times.

I want to make it clear to you: Piling on taxes, regulation, litigation and more spending is not the solution to job creation. When I'm elected to Congress, I will work to freeze the spending; I will pay down the debt and cut taxes. I'm a proven business leader and I understand how to put South Mississippians back to work. America needs Mississippi principles in 2010. I ask you to join me as we take back our country from Obama and Pelosi on November 2nd.

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