Issue Position: Transportation

Issue Position

By:  Steve Hobbs
Location: Unknown

Infrastructure is the key to our economic growth and vitality and no other piece of infrastructure is more important than our transportation system. State Route 9 and US-2 are the life blood of the district, and improvements should be spent giving you more time to spend with your family and less time in a traffic jam.

* The last four years I have kept the vital SR-9 route development projects on time and on budget. I will continue to promote the widening and improvements along Highway 9.

* I formed the SR-9 coalition, a group of community leaders that is working in improving SR-9.

* I listened to our leaders and allocated funds for the redesign of the Snohomish River bridge on SR-9.

* When our community leaders prioritized the Frontier Village intersection, I allocated $500,000 for design and planning improvements.

* In order to better promote traffic flow along busy 164th Ave in Mill Creek, I followed the City's suggestion and asked WSDOT to change the flow of traffic signals.

* I joined forces with other local elected and successfully obtained funds to add traffic signals at Archbishop Murphy high school, insuring the safety of our young drivers.