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Issue Position: Health Care

Issue Position


Fourth, I will work to repeal portions of the Obama/Pelosi Healthcare Legislation that will drive up costs, increase the deficit, grow bureaucracy and lower the standards of health care that Americans expect. I support making healthcare more affordable for all Americans. But what I can't support are pieces of legislation rammed through Congress that will raise our taxes, increase insurance premiums, and promise to make drastic cuts in Medicare. Americans deserve better than this bill. I will work to re-write this act and build true health care reform that focuses on free market competition, patient choice and high quality of care.

My platform is not limited to these 4 simple subjects, however. I am running for Congress because we need fresh leadership for a new Washington. Small reforms are not good enough with a system as damaged as Congress is right now. Sending the same politicians to Washington to "go along to get along" and to play the political game will keep getting us the same results.

As your Congressman, I pledge to rein in wasteful spending, fight against tax increases, promote legislation to build jobs, and work to repeal harmful portions of the Obama/Pelosi Healthcare Bill. Send me to Washington and you will see results.

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