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National Repeal Obama Care PAC Endorses Steven Palazzo for U.S. Congress

Press Release

Location: Biloxi, MS

Steven Palazzo, a Republican candidate for U.S. Congress in Mississippi's fourth congressional district, was recently endorsed by the Repeal Obama Care Political Action Committee (ROCPAC).

ROCPAC spokesman, Vince Casale, said the following regarding the ROCPAC endorsement, "Repeal Obama Care PAC chose to endorse Steven Palazzo because we believe that Steven has the courage to stand up to Pelosi and Obama's massive government intrusion that Obama Care represents. We proudly support Steven Palazzo's campaign for Congress, and believe he is the candidate who can beat the incumbent this year. "

Steven Palazzo knows how to stand up and fight for the conservative principles of limited government, lower taxes, and fiscal responsibility. Palazzo wrote a letter to Attorney General Hood urging him to join the lawsuit against Obama Care, Palazzo co-sponsored state legislation to block Obama Care's intrusion on state sovereignty, and Palazzo has now co-sponsored a statewide ballot initiative that will allow Mississippians to decide whether they want Obama Care mandates on their state through the referendum process.

Repeal Obama Care PAC (ROCPAC) is a federally registered PAC formed days after the passage of the Obama Care health bill in March 2010. ROCPAC has also endorsed other conservative candidates such as Michelle Bachman and Marco Rubio.

Steven Palazzo released the following statements regarding this distinguished endorsement:

"I am proud to receive the endorsement and support of the Repeal Obama Care PAC. I am committed to standing up to Pelosi and Obama's radical liberal agenda, and fighting for conservative Mississippi values in Washington."

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