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Tax Increases Don't Create Jobs

Location: Washington, DC

Ms. FOXX. Mr. Speaker, I want to congratulate you also today on this historic day, and also all those who have made this day possible by making the House much more accessible to everyone who serves in the House.

But, Mr. Speaker, I must change the subject and say that in 5 months, the hardworking taxpayers of America will get hit with the largest tax increase in American history if this Congress doesn't act to forestall it.

That's right. Unless Congress acts, taxpayers will see tax rates go up across the board. This is completely unacceptable. During this period of economic difficulty and high unemployment, these tax hikes will fall especially hard on the small businesses that have already borne the brunt of this bad economy. These are the same job-creating small businesses that represent our best hope for emerging with strength from this recession. Increasing their taxes now would be an economic poison pill that would kill economic growth and job creation. After all, Mr. Speaker, what tax increase ever created a job?

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