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Issue Position: Health Care

Issue Position

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There are two big problems in our health care system -- costs are rising too fast and a little over 10% of Washington's population doesn't have health insurance. More than anything, rising costs are causing families to lose their insurance coverage. The recent federal health care bill did nothing to lower health care costs. In fact, this $1 trillion bill is projected to raise premiums by 10-13% on families and businesses. America still needs common sense solutions.

There are steps we can take to control rising costs and make it easier for people to get health coverage without adding to the deficit and wrecking the private health insurance most families and businesses enjoy today. For example, we could allow small businesses to pool together and offer health care at lower prices, the same way big corporations and labor unions do. We can also reduce costs by allowing Washingtonians to purchase health care from any state -- not just from the one where they live. And we can enact tort reform to curb nuisance lawsuits and keep personal injury lawyers from driving up the cost of everyone's care.

As a matter of principle, health care decisions should be made by patients with their doctors, not by government bureaucrats. The Democrats in Congress ignored that principle by disregarding the will of the American people to ram through a radical health care bill which cut Medicare, raised premiums on working families, increased taxes on small businesses, and threatens the high quality of health care that we've enjoyed. The solution to our health care crisis is not to give more power to the federal government; it is to give more power to the American people themselves.

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