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Lynn's Weekly Update - Speaking Against Govt Spending & Debt, Supporting AZ Immigration Law, Americans to Pay Higher Taxes in Months


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Speaking Out Against Government Spending and Unsustainable Debt that are Killing Jobs Not Creating Them

I took to the floor this week to stand up for responsible Kansans to tell Speaker Pelosi once again that her reckless fiscal policies are crippling small towns across our nation with near double-digit unemployment and unsustainable levels of debt. To watch my remarks, click here. Unfortunately, I do not think she has any intention of changing direction in the House of Representatives. Each one of us has a loved one, a friend, or a neighbor who has lost his or her job during this recession. Just last week, it hit home for many folks in Kansas when the Haldex Brake plant in Iola announced its closing its doors taking 160 good jobs away from hard-working Kansans and sending them to Mexico.

It is time for Congress to stop spending money we do not have, for the Administration to admit that its so-called stimulus plan isn't working and for all leaders in Washington to start listening to the American people. Since the stimulus became law, 47 out of 50 states have lost jobs, leaving folks everywhere asking, "where are the jobs?" I will continue listening to Kansans and fighting for responsible plans to encourage private-sector job creation and economic growth. I encourage you to speak out by visiting to tell me what your ideas are to put our country back on the right path.

Signing Legal Brief to Support Arizona's Immigration Law

The federal government has a responsibility to enforce immigration law. Unfortunately, it has failed to take seriously the economic strain and risk that illegal immigration puts on our country, forcing Arizona to take matters into its own hands. Despite what some, including the Department of Justice, may claim, the law in Arizona is meant to help the state implement and enforce federal immigration law. It is extremely disappointing that the Department of Justice decided to sue the state rather than help it put an end to illegal immigration in our country. I joined with the American Center for Law and Justice as well as 76 U.S. Representatives and five U.S. Senators to file an amicus brief in support of Arizona's efforts to enforce immigration law. I will continue to support Arizona's efforts to keep its citizens safe.

Beware: Americans to Pay Higher Taxes in less than 6 Months

On January 1, 2011 you will be sending more of your money to Washington. In less than six months, a record breaking $3.8 trillion tax increase is scheduled to kick in, affecting every single American who pays income taxes, every family who has plans to pass their land onto the next generation and small businesses in our country. I support keeping taxes low so you can keep your money to spend and invest however you want. Unfortunately, Nancy Pelosi and the majority in Washington would rather you send your money to them. You have my word - I will continue fighting against the Democrat's tax increase. For information about how this tax increase will affect you and your family's budget, click here and here.

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