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Republicans Want to Privatize Social Security

Location: Washington, DC

Mr. WEINER. If you're one of those folks who has one of those new, modern TVs with the ``what the heck are they talking about button'' on the TV, you're going to need it for this side of the aisle because, frankly, it is insane for them to wrap their arms around the idea that deficits are growing, they're booming, and then get this, they want to offer tax breaks to billionaires this year. Millionaires and billionaires. And you know how they're going to pay for it? They don't say. They want to add to the deficit.

But there is one moment of clarity we saw recently that I have got to tell you that in my 12 years in Washington is refreshing. The Republican head of the Budget Committee, their ranking member, came out with a proposal to privatize Social Security. And you know what, that's not some obscure Member. I actually like the guy. I commend him for being honest. Finally, the Republicans have come out and said what, frankly, they've said for 75 years. They want to eliminate Social Security. Not actually eliminate it. They want to invest it in the stock market. Boy, talk about lessons unlearned.

The Democrats, who created Social Security, are here to celebrate 75 years of keeping it strong and another, God willing, 75 years. The Republicans want to privatize it, invest it in the stock market. You decide for yourself what the right policy is.

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