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Crenshaw Votes To Prohibit Taxpayer Funding For Stimulus Bill Promotional Signage


Location: Washington, DC

Congressman Ander Crenshaw today (7/14) voted to save American taxpayers millions of dollars by eliminating federal funding for signage that promotes the Obama Administration's stimulus bill. The seventh in a series of votes under the Republican Whip organization's project YouCut, Wednesday's vote in combination with six previous YouCut votes total more than $64.62 billion in spending cuts. A majority of House Democrats have defeated all seven measures.

Crenshaw, a Republican Deputy Whip and member of the Whip's Economic Recovery Working Group, which developed YouCut's innovative approach to cutting spending, issued the following statement:

"Across the country, signs have been erected to alert citizens that certain projects are being funded by last year's stimulus bill. These signs, often along highways, provide no meaningful information, create no jobs, and have been criticized as taxpayer-funded advertisements for the stimulus bill. This plan would prohibit funding for additional signs, require agencies to report on the amount of money spent on signs, and would recapture those already spent funds by reducing the agencies' administration expenses by an amount equal to that spent on signs.

"Americans are sick and tired of Washington's spending spree and are calling for an end to big government spending through project YouCut. I've heard them and have voted for more than $60 billion in cuts. Taxpayers have no business funding these programs when they are working so hard to put food on the table, pay the mortgage and save for their childrens' educations."

Citizens can access the project YouCut website and vote for their favorite spending cut at They can also make their own suggestion for a spending cut on the site. Each week Congress will vote on the cut that receives the most votes.

House Democrats have defeated the following proposed spending cuts on the floor of the U.S. House of Representatives:

* Week one: $2.5 billion -- Eliminate duplicative welfare program.
* Week two: $2 billion - Eliminate federal employee pay raise.
* Week three: $30 billion - Reform Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.
* Week four: $15 billion - Sell excess federal property.
* Week five: $15 billion - Prohibit hiring new IRS agents to enforce health care law.
* Week six: $120 million - Prohibit taxpayer funding for union activities.
* Week seven: Millions of dollars - Prohibit stimulus funding for promotional signage and recoup previously spent funds.

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