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Issue Position: Taxes

Issue Position


I firmly believe this about taxation -- you need more money in your pockets and less in government coffers.

American citizens are overtaxed. The liberals in Washington have not only passed huge tax increases in their ObamaCare plan, they also have scheduled massive income tax increases at the end of this year. I will fight to repeal all these tax increases as soon as I take office.

American businesses are also overtaxed. Our companies pay some of the highest corporate income taxes in the world and those costs get passed along to consumers. This increases the costs of our good and services, increases the strain on middle class American families, and puts our businessmen and women at a competitive disadvantage.

I am the ONLY candidate in this race who has NEVER voted for a tax increase. I have received the highest ratings from groups like Kansas Taxpayers Network and Americans for Prosperity because of my work fighting tax increases.

Our current system of taxation is unfair. Penalizing production with income taxes only stifles productivity. That's why I support the FairTax. As a member of Congress, I will cosponsor the FairTax and will fight to pass it. The FairTax would eliminate the IRS, stop penalizing production, and encourage savings.

As your Congressman, I'll look our for the interests of our taxpayers and will always oppose tax increases and the growth of our federal government.

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