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Byrne condemns gambling corruption

Press Release

Location: Montgomery, AL

Republican gubernatorial candidate Bradley Byrne said today he is greatly concerned about the magnitude of corruption gambling magnates have brought about in Alabama state government.

"The gambling cartel in this state has shown us time and again that anything they're involved in will be corrupted from day one - they have infiltrated the system," Byrne said, referencing a Birmingham News report that says federal prosecutors subpoenaed pay stubs of nearly one-fourth of the Alabama Legislature as part of an investigation into corruption surrounding the vote of a gambling bill during the 2010 legislative session.

Byrne said he's concerned because as the primary elections season has worn on, his opponent, Rep. Robert Bentley, has more readily acknowledged his support for an "up or down" gambling vote.

"Why would a casino boss be publicly supporting a supposed "conservative Republican' who says he's opposed to gambling," Byrne asked, citing Ronnie Gilley's public support of Bentley's campaign.

"This attempt to hijack the Republican runoff isn't just about AEA's disdain for my education and ethics reforms. Our party is being hijacked by the liberal Democrat machine."

Byrne said Democrats don't want what is best for the Republican Party. "Democrats want what's best for Democrats."

"It is clear Bentley is the Democrats' choice in this primary evidenced by the millions of dollars top Democrats have spent to run a smear campaign on his behalf. So if Democrats think Bentley winning the Republican Primary is what is best for the Democrat Party, it's obviously not what's best for the Republican Party."

Bentley has openly encouraged Democrats to vote in the Republican primary.

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