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Budget Woes

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC

Mr. COFFMAN of Colorado. Mr. Speaker, Congress is now 2 months late in passing a Federal budget, and the majority has shown no indication of considering one any time soon. This fiscal irresponsibility on display in Washington is affecting American citizens and further damaging our economy and job growth. In fact, we hear hints that the budget isn't late, it's actually not coming at all, and the majority may avoid considering one altogether to evade calling further attention to an addiction to reckless spending. Given that the Federal debt has gone up by nearly $2.4 trillion since January, 2009, undoubtedly congressional Democrat leaders fear that they will soon be forced to account for their reckless spending.

America needs a pro-growth economic policy to promote job growth and business development. Instead, we face massive deficits and excessive government bailouts. As the clock ticks on an increasingly late budget, I will continue to fight for government accountability and reform.

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