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Issue Position: Health Care

Issue Position

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"Innovating in health care has allowed me to provide affordable, high quality health care services to many Floridians. As governor, I will continue to put patients first by looking for innovative ways to lower health care cost while increasing the quality of care by focusing on providing consumers more choice through greater competition and accountability." -- Rick Scott

* Rick was one of the first to recognize how to fix the American hospital industry. He started Columbia Hospital in 1987, buying two hospitals in El Paso, Texas with his life savings of $125,000. Columbia later grew to become the 12th largest employer in the world. Under his leadership, Columbia gained a reputation for improving patient satisfaction while cutting costs. In 1995, more than a quarter of the Top 100 Hospitals in the U.S. (ranked by Mercer/HCIA) were Columbia hospitals.
* In 2001, Rick co-founded Florida based Solantic Health with the vision to deliver high-quality care at low cost. Today, the company can treat 60-70% of the cases that an emergency room typically handles -- at a fraction of the cost, while patients spend much less time in the waiting room. Solantic has served more than 1.5 million Florida patients and provides urgent care, immunizations and other services over in 30 locations across the state.
* Most recently, Rick led the fight to defeat President Obama's government-run public option. As the founder of Conservatives for Patients' Rights (CPR), an advocacy group dedicated to the free market principles of choice, competition, accountability and personal responsibility in health care, he was instrumental in defeating the public option plan that would have led to socialized medicine.
* A proven record of lowering health care costs while improving quality.
* Rick believes that our health care system should focus on choice, competition, accountability and personal responsibility.
* Rick supports a state constitutional amendment in Florida that prohibits the federal government from imposing President Obama's individual mandate, to protect Floridians' freedom to control their health care choices.

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