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The importance of November's election


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This week brought some news that reminds us once again just how important this November's election is for the future of our country, because we have a chance that may not come again to change our country's direction.

A recent poll conducted by two nationally renowned pollsters for National Public Radio--the source of some excellent journalism but hardly a conservative mouthpiece--looked at the seventy most competitive districts around the country, including this one. The results are stark: the same voters--conservative Democrats, independent voters, and some Republicans--who voted for the liberal Democrats in 2006 and for Barack Obama in 2008 are eager to see a real change in our nation's policies this year.

In the same poll, 56% of voters in districts like ours said that the country "needs new people in Washington," while those polled preferred Republicans to Democrats by a margin of 49% to 41%.

No poll in June can guarantee anything about results in November--but this survey makes clear what I have believed for more than a year: big-spending Democrats like Jason Altmire are wildly out of step with Western Pennsylvania and with your help we can elect a Congressman this year who shares our values.

If you have not done so, please take a moment today to volunteer for our campaign or to make a contribution on this website. The stakes this year are far too high for anyone to "sit out" this election!

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