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Hodes Statement on Vt. Yankee Tritium Reaching Connecticut River


Location: Washington, DC

Paul Hodes released the following statement after a new Nuclear Regulatory Commission report said that tritium from a Vermont Yankee power plant leak had reached the Connecticut River:

"Vermont Yankee has proven to be unreliable time and time again," said Hodes.

"Vermont Yankee officials have repeatedly misled the public and regulators. It is time to immediately cease operations at the plant until every single safety problem is disclosed and fixed."

Entergy officials have admitted that they have misled federal regulators, and today's report makes it clear that plant officials have failed to provide accurate information to the public at large. Hodes noted that plant workers who are not responsible for the tritium leaks should not be punished for management's failures.

"Entergy should continue to pay every penny of the salaries of the hard-working employees who have lived up to their responsibilities," continued Hodes.

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