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Alabama's 2nd District is blessed to have some of the best military installations in the world. Fort Rucker and Maxwell Air Force Base are the tip of our nation's spear and maintaining their top priority in our nation's war fighting machine is crucial to this district's success. Martha knows a well-equipped, well-trained and mobile military force is the foundation of a strong national defense.

Martha is proud of the soldiers, sailors, airmen and marines based in Alabama who stand ready and able to support and defend America's interest when they are called upon. Just as they are doing their duty to protect us, we must do our duty to support them. If we are going to maintain our ability to fight and win armed conflicts, Congress must maintain a proper level of active duty forces so that these bright young men and women who protect and preserve our liberty, democracy, and freedoms and have the tools and training in order defend our nation and interests around the world.

The world is not the "safe place" many would have you believe, and Martha knows there is a better way to ensuring the military legacy remains here in Alabama. Congress must modernize our military so we may be prepared to stop those world aggressors who seek to destroy our way of life. While she will work especially hard to ensure that Fort Rucker and Maxwell AFB have the resources they need to maintain their current role in our nation's defense, she'll also work with leaders to seek new opportunities and expansion of their missions.

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