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Issue Position: Health Care

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Health care reform is one of the most pressing issues facing our country today, and Martha knows that a better way to achieve more affordable, portable and accessible health care is to empower people, not government. That's why she'll fight for patient-centered solutions and oppose efforts to destroy the current system of health care delivery with a government-run plan.

Martha supports allowing Americans to purchase health care plans across state lines, much like life insurance plans, in order to increase competition among insurance companies. She supports returning the power of choice to the individual policy holder, by ending government mandates that require specific care, so that consumers may choose the type of coverage that fits their lifestyle. Martha supports reforms to the tax code so that individuals and the self-employed who purchase their own insurance receive the same tax credits employers receive for providing health insurance to their employees.

Martha believes health insurance should be portable, that is the policy belongs to the individual much like a person's 401k. Americans shouldn't lose their coverage regardless of whether a person changes jobs, moves across the country or retires.

Any health care reforms must involve finding ways to provide coverage to those who are unable to afford insurance on their own. Creating high-risk pools and Associated Health Plans will grant access to these individuals by joining together with others in order to bring down costs. Also, any health care reforms should end pre-existing conditions exclusions that have stopped so many Americans from getting insurance.

Paramount to any health care reforms, Congress must include medical liability reform so doctors can stop practicing defensive medicine.

The quality of America's health care is the envy of the world, but the surest way to destroy this quality is to create a central government bureaucracy to control and ration medical care.

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