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Issue Position: Health Care

Issue Position

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After repealing the damage that has been done, we must seize the opportunity to ensure that constructive solutions to address the health care problems we face are the result of listening to the American people. Health care costs are out of control; we can make improvements without sacrificing personal freedoms and without tax increases and more deficit spending.

Washington has focused on extreme Obamacare 3.0 while Americans have been focused on our real first priority: jobs.

None of us should be surprised that Obama, Pelosi and Reid are attempting to take control of one-sixth of our country's gross domestic product by putting their liberal agenda ahead of getting our economy back in shape.

We do have problems with health care in the country. Americans understand that. But they also understand that solutions being proposed by Democrats in this monstrosity of a health care bill, the same solutions they've been trying to push on us for decades, are not the right ones for us.

We need to start over on health care. From scratch, from the beginning. Sit down and work on this incrementally, piece by piece, do what we can afford when we can afford it. We must avoid creating a government run health care -- take a number and wait -- system.

Read the Coats Hoosier Health Plan at the following site:

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