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Issue Position: Economy

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Economic & Fiscal Responsibility

While Democrats focused on healthcare for the better part of 2009, Americans were concerned about the economy and jobs. Nearly ten percent of Americans, including Hoosiers, are out of work and yet, Democrats are recklessly spending money, piling on debt and adding to our deficit at rates we have never seen before.

The days of kicking the can down the road and passing our problems on to future generations have slipped away. We are facing very negative consequences not just for the future, but also the present, if Washington doesn't get its act together quickly.

First, in order to turn away from our present disastrous course we must STOP the fiscal bleeding. Spending at our current levels cannot be sustained and will only add to the growing number of problems for future generations to fix.

Second, I propose we take the necessary steps to incentivize our economy. We have to look at tax reductions for businesses, simplifying our tax code and creating tax incentives for innovation. We must grow our way out of the recession, not spend our way out as the Obama plan provides.

Finally, it's important to remember that this crisis is so deep, so devastating, that the solution must rise above politics. Difficult, and perhaps unpopular, decisions must be made today in order to ensure a better tomorrow.

I think we have to ask ourselves an important question: Are you willing to make the tough decisions for the future of our county and for the sake of your children and grandchildren? In my opinion, recent elections have shown most people would answer "YES!"

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