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Health Care Overhaul: What's Next?

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC

Ms. FOXX. Madam Speaker, people are asking: Now that the health care overhaul has been passed, what's next? Well, my colleagues and I are saying we need to repeal the most egregious parts of this legislation and replace them with real, effective reforms.

We must do more than simply repeal this bill. We have to replace it with reforms that will actually bring down the cost of health care. We have solutions that focus first on lowering cost and preserving jobs. We have to repeal the over $500 billion in job-killing taxes on the bill, repeal taxpayer funding of abortion and start over with laws that respect life.

I am a strong supporter of legislation that allows everyone to purchase health insurance across State lines. We should be expanding tax-free health savings accounts for all Americans, giving patients control over their health care and giving small businesses the power to pool together.

Madam Speaker, the health care overhaul is a travesty of justice, and we can do better.

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