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Compared To What?

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC

Mr. YARMUTH. Mr. Speaker, we all remember the great line of Rodney Dangerfield. When asked, ``How's your wife?'' he said, ``Compared to what?'' Well, beginning last Friday, with President Obama's appearance before the Republican conference and this week with the introduction of the new budget, we have seen the ``compared to what.''

President Obama has an aggressive plan to create jobs and restore economic vitality. We want to provide credit to small businesses, job tax credits and very important incentives to both middle class working families and the businesses that create most of the jobs.

On the other side, we saw from Congressman Ryan their version of economic growth: Privatize Social Security, eliminate Medicare for everybody under 55, and give people vouchers to buy insurance which they won't be able to afford. And, of course, tax cuts across the board, which means more tax breaks for Bill Gates and Warren Buffett and the managers at AIG that just took $100 million worth of bonuses.

We now see the ``compared to what,'' and I hope that we continue to see the ``compared to what.'' We will see who has a plan that will create economic growth for the American people.

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