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The Long View On Job Creation

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC

Mr. REHBERG. Mr. Speaker, while efforts to tax energy production have failed because of overwhelming public opposition, the Environmental Protection Agency quietly perpetrated one of the largest power grabs ever.

A little-noticed decision last year expanded the definition of ``air pollutant'' in the Clean Air Act to include greenhouse gases. This means the Federal Government now has the authority to regulate everything from carbon dioxide to water vapor. As a result, every living person is now a source of pollution from exhaling CO

2 and water vapor. Every breath you take, every word you utter is now subject to EPA regulations.

The American people need room to breathe; so I have sponsored H.R. 391 to do just that. I hope my colleagues will join me because the hot air that comes out of this Chamber would qualify us as a Superfund site.

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