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Americans Need ALL Jobs Not Just Clean Energy Jobs

Press Release

Location: Washington, DC

Following the President's tour of the Wind Turbine Manufacturing and Fab Lab in Ohio and his speech today on clean energy jobs, Congressman Rob Bishop (R-UT), Chairman of the Congressional Western Caucus, pointed out that American creativity and entrepreneurship are better than the federal government at creating jobs. Updated unemployment numbers released today by the Bureau of Labor Statistics reflect that the West maintains the highest regional unemployment rate of 10.7%.

"I am a proponent of developing alternative sources of energy, including wind. However, while the President's plan for clean energy job creation makes a compelling sound bite, the reality is that nobody has explained where we'll get the money to "create" those jobs.

"Every dollar the federal government spends comes from one of three sources: taxes from hardworking individuals, borrowing from future generations, or by printing money. Wouldn't it make far more sense if the families and individuals who earned those dollars were allowed to choose where those funds should be directed instead of allowing President Obama to direct them to his so called "green jobs" proposal?

"Far more jobs will be created if we would let true American ingenuity, entrepreneurship, and free enterprise lead our economic recovery instead of the federal government deciding to prop up a small, politically charged niche job market that fails to support all American small businesses throughout the entire country," said Congressman Bishop.

This boils down to a simple question: Are the American people truly able to decide how their money should be spent or do we believe that politicians know better?

"The strength of our economy resides in the ingenuity and creativity of the can-do American spirit, not government mandated programs. It's time to transfer the power and decision making back to those most equipped to get this country back on track- the American people," Bishop concluded.

In one year, the Administration has prevented thousands of diverse energy-related jobs from being created throughout the West and the entire country by:

* Cancelling 77 oil and gas leases in Utah
* Delaying offshore drilling in the deepwater outer continental shelf
* Banning uranium mining permits throughout the West
* Placing multiple restrictions on oil shale development causing subsequent delay of projects
* Cancelling multiple oil and gas leases in Wyoming
* Expanding federal leasing rules for onshore natural gas and oil programs
* Ending oil and gas leases in Montana's Rocky Mountain Front

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