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Price Statement On House Democrats' Amnesty Proposal


Location: Unknown

Congressman Tom Price (R-GA) issued the following statement in response to the introduction of so-called "comprehensive" immigration reform legislation by several House Democrats.

"The American people have soundly rejected the amnesty-first approach that certain Democrats continue to pursue," said Congressman Price. "We are a compassionate nation, but Americans have a basic expectation that our laws will be respected. To the vast majority of citizens and legal residents in this country, rewarding disobedience of our laws with citizenship is an absolute non-starter. The supporters of this unacceptable plan are trampling on the rule-of-law and impeding the development of a strong federal immigration policy.

"Repeating the same mistake we made in 1986 with another blanket amnesty will leave us no closer to meeting the numerous challenges associated with the illegal immigrants crossing our borders each day. We cannot address broader immigration issues, like much needed visa reform, with any credibility until our borders are under control and the laws already on the books are properly enforced. Put simply, the only positive immigration reform we can pass this year is based on stronger enforcement and increased border security. If Democrats truly desire to travel down this road, we are willing to again have this debate so we may once and for all put to bed the amnesty-first approach to immigration reform."

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