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The Best Social Program Is A Job

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, D.C.

The Best Social Program Is A Job

Mr. Speaker, the best social program is a job. It provides individuals and families with the means to support themselves. It also provides dignity and confidence to know that they actually have a viable future. That's why in eastern Connecticut we were very pleased a couple of weeks ago that the stimulus bill released money for the incumbent worker training program, a program which will provide 800 new jobs with funds directly sent to small- and medium-sized businesses, which is part of, again, the tried and true program that the stimulus bill expanded.

The president of Willimantic Savings Institute, Rheo A. Brouillard, who's going to have 200 new workers as a result of this program, said, The grants have assisted us in hiring of entry-level employees and enabled us to provide them with new skills needed to more readily advance their banking careers. The Norwich Bulletin, the largest newspaper in New London County, indicated that this is an excellent program, and this is what the stimulus package was intended to do.

Putting people to work is the best way to build a strong and vibrant economy. We need to build on the stimulus bill with these types of programs: first-time homebuyer tax credit, Cash For Clunkers, incumbent worker training programs. Steadily but surely we are turning this economy around, and we need a new jobs package to build on that success.

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