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Scott Brown Primary Election Night Remarks

Location: Unknown

Thank you very much. With tonight's victory, we are halfway there -- and now the real race begins!

In 42 days, the voters of this great commonwealth will have a choice, and tonight that choice became a lot clearer. We can send another partisan placeholder to the United States Senate, or we can try something new: We can elect an independent voice for all of Massachusetts -- and that's the United States Senator I promise to be.

Whatever the usual insiders and experts have to say about this election, I say this: Never underestimate the independent spirit of Massachusetts.

A year has passed since one-party rule came to Washington, and the last thing we need is more of it. When the federal government spends too much, taxes too much, and borrows too much, the last thing we need in the United States Senate is another rubber stamp.

We're the only state in this nation about to elect a U.S. senator. The choice we make will send a powerful message to the big-spenders in Washington, and just in time: They need to quit expanding our government and defending wasteful spending, and start expanding this economy and defending our jobs.

For my fellow citizens watching at home, my name is Scott Brown. I'm the Republican in the race. You may not have heard of me before now because all the focus has been on the other side where the candidates were competing for title of "most liberal.'

In this upcoming election, if you want business as usual, with higher taxes, more spending and not having a voice in Washington, then vote for my opponent. But if you want real change on January 19th, and if you want somebody who will fight to lower your taxes, keep more money in your pockets, and bring common sense back to Washington DC, then join with me and make a real difference.

To everyone in this room, your support throughout this primary has meant an awful lot to me. I congratulate my opponent, Jack Robinson, for the campaign he ran. He is a good man, and I welcome his support in the cause we now serve together.

I have learned a lot as I've traveled throughout Massachusetts these past several months. I had the luxury of not being followed by a lot of cameras and media, so I was able to actually listen to what people were telling me.

What I learned is that people are worried about what will happen to them and their families in the current economic crisis.

They want to know why the only new jobs that have been created are government jobs.

They also want to know why, at a time when their family's income is going down, their taxes are going up.

The people I have spoken with don't vote for a particular party, they vote for ideas and for convictions. They want a United States Senator who answers to conscience and to the people, and not just to the same old political machine that acts like it owns our State. The machine politicians and the special interests do not own Massachusetts anymore, and they're going to find that out on January 19th.

These are serious and difficult times for the United States, and I don't pretend to have all the answers. But I know what I believe, and I will do all that I can to help make our country strong and prosperous once again.

I don't have all the advantages in this race, and that's fine by me. I don't come from a life of advantage, and in many ways I'm grateful for that. It has taught me to work harder, and to better appreciate the opportunities of our state and our country. I am blessed to have a loving family, good friends and neighbors, and to call Massachusetts my home -- and I wouldn't trade those for anything.

I'm running because I want to leave our children and grandchildren an America that is as strong and vibrant as the one we knew growing up. My friends, our nation is at a crossroads, with difficult challenges to meet and tough decisions to make.

More of our people are unemployed today than ever before in American history. Public debt has reached 12 trillion dollars and counting, and the DC politicians want to borrow trillions more. Terrorists want to strike our country again, and they will do so if we lose our resolve and let down our guard. We have fighting forces in two theaters of war, and those men and women need the uncompromising support of the United States Congress.

On all of the great issues facing America, you are entitled to know the convictions that each candidate holds, and I have stated mine:

-- I believe in limited government, and in the boundless power of the free market to create jobs and wealth for our people.

-- I believe it is a betrayal of duty to leave the next generation with massive debts, and they deserve better than that from us.

-- I believe that one-party power breeds corruption and arrogance, and it's time we open things up in the state of Massachusetts.

I believe failure should be admitted in Washington, and not repeated. It's time to admit that while the nearly trillion-dollar stimulus had the best of intentions, it failed to create one new job. We shouldn't make the mistake of passing yet another stimulus that adds to the debt and does nothing for American workers.

My plan for the economy is simple - an across the board tax cut for families and businesses that will increase investment and lead to immediate new job growth. In the tradition of President John F. Kennedy, we should stimulate the American economy with a broad based tax cut for the American people.

Like everyone else, I want to see more Americans with good health care coverage. I like what we did in Massachusetts. It's not perfect, but nearly everyone is now covered by a private insurance policy -- not a government policy. I hope other states follow our example. You need to understand that the health care bill under discussion in Washington is not good for Massachusetts. I fear that the Government option in the bill would soon be the ONLY option.

It will raise taxes, increase spending, and if you are a senior and receive Medicare, it will lead to a half a trillion dollars in cuts in your health care.

Instead of restricting health care for elders -- we need to start restricting the size and intrusiveness of government.

I want to see a cleaner environment, and the way to get there is through a comprehensive approach. That would be by the development of new energy sources that are not powered only by fossil fuels. That means conservation, in addition to the development of more wind, solar, hydroelectric and - yes - more nuclear power. One thing I will not do, however, is support a cap and trade program that will cause energy prices to spike and chase businesses out of Massachusetts and cost individual families more money just to heat their homes and turn on their lights. The cap and trade bill moving its way through Congress will kill jobs at a time when our economy is on the brink. To me that is unacceptable. As your United States Senator, I will make 'jobs' job number one.

As an attorney, I believe that our Constitution and laws exist to protect this nation -- they do not grant rights and privileges to enemies in wartime. In dealing with terrorists, our tax dollars should pay for weapons to stop them, not lawyers to defend them.

I want to see a strong military that will protect our interests around the world. I proudly serve as a Lieutenant Colonel and 30-year member of the Massachusetts Army National Guard, and during that time I've witnessed the many sacrifices made by patriotic Americans who fight to defend our freedoms. I salute the President for supporting our troops and their mission, and I will work with him to ensure that when they return home in victory they are given all the services that a grateful nation can provide.

Right now in Washington, we have 10 congressmen and two senators who all vote the same way, they're beholden to the same special interests and when they vote, the first thing they ask is how am I going to be rated on the special interest report card. Their idea of a debate is not to argue over whether to raise taxes, but how high to raise them. If change is what we have in mind, do we really need another robot who's programmed to vote like the rest of our delegation? When I take a vote, the first thing I am going to ask is, is this bill good for Massachusetts. You will be my special interest.

My entire career has been spent fighting to keep taxes low, cut out wasteful spending and keep government in check.

As your next US Senator, I will always speak my mind and act in the best interests of the people I represent. I don't take my orders from either of the political parties, or from Harry Reid, or Deval Patrick, or the labor bosses. I plan to take my orders from you, the people who sent me to Washington DC to make a difference.

The political machine in this state is going to pull out all the stops to keep their hands on this Senate seat. Rest assured it will be me against the machine. You're going to see all the special interests line up with my opponent and the last thing they want is someone coming in and changing the way business is done on Capital Hill.

They say I'm the long shot, and if the same old powers-that-be get to decide this election, I guess that's right. But I'm betting that a new day is coming in Massachusetts. I am here in the name of every independent-thinking citizen, whether they be Democrat, unenrolled-independent or Republican, to take on one-party rule, and the Beacon Hill bosses, and their machine, and their candidate … and with your help I intend to win.

Please give me your vote on January 19th. Will you join me in this fight? I can't do it alone. Thank you very much and let's get to work.

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