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EPA Takes Divisive Steps To Regulate Greenhouse Gases

Press Release

Location: Washington, DC

EPA Takes Divisive Steps To Regulate Greenhouse Gases

Congressman Rob Bishop (R-UT), Chairman of the Congressional Western Caucus, responded to the historic announcement made today by the EPA laying the groundwork to regulate greenhouse gases.

"Today the EPA has attacked the American economy in a way that will long be remembered. It comes as no surprise that the administration is once again positioning itself to bypass the Congressional process. This announcement follows a growing trend of the new administration to act unilaterally whenever their political agenda is held up in the democrat controlled Congress," said Congressman Bishop. "Asking the EPA to regulate greenhouse gas is the equivalent of lacing on ice-skates to run a marathon. At a minimum, doing so can't help but prove to be terribly painful, costly, and inefficient."

As millions of unemployed Americans around the country are looking for some semblance of relief, EPA bureaucrats are looking to impose a complex, massively intrusive conglomeration of red tape to regulate greenhouse gases. If implemented, the new EPA regulations will force businesses to pass the costs on to consumers or in many cases close their doors altogether.

"Despite the fact that scientific data underlying the studies of global warming appear to have been manipulated to produce an intended outcome, EPA officials disregarded the contaminated science calling it little more than a "blip on the history of this process.' It is becoming increasingly obvious that the EPA is more interested in grabbing power over our entire country than in getting the science and the answer right," Bishop added. "Who can afford higher energy bills, higher business costs and ultimately higher gas prices- especially when 10% of the country is out of work? If ever there was an issue that cries out for the full public scrutiny through the Congressional process, EPA-led regulation of climate change is it. Citizens need to have a full understanding of the positive and negative implications of such a regime and have their voices heard regarding the form and timing of such regulations."

Any federal mandate, regulatory or statutory, aimed at regulating domestic CO2 emissions will have tremendous economic, environmental and national security implications for the West and the entire nation.

"Though many may not recognize it today, this announcement made by the EPA may very well be among the most historic to come out of this administration," Bishop concluded.

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