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Health Care Reform

Location: Washington, DC

Mr. BACA. Congress is only a few steps away from passing a health care reform bill that is much needed for the American people. If we lose sight of our main goal to provide access coverage to everyone, especially the poor and the middle class that have already sacrificed or contributed so much so this country, I say, Ask not what you can do for the insurance companies but ask what you can do for the American people.

This is a humanitarian issue about responsible parents trying to provide for their families. The House bill ends the doughnut hole prescription drug coverage, ends copayment for preventive care, ends discrimination based on preexisting conditions, and provides more health care for our youth. The health bill means less red tape and less paperwork, more time with your families and doctors, lower premiums for older Americans.

This is extremely important at a time that the American families are stretching their budgets to the brink to make ends meet their needs and may have lost their jobs. Access to health care is not a privilege. It's a human right. I urge my colleagues to fight for the American family and pass real health care reform.

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