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Caregivers And Veterans Omnibus Health Services Act Of 2009 - Continued

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC


Mr. COBURN. This is a straightforward amendment. You get to decide whether you want to continue to send money to an organization that is bankrupt, fraudulent; has peacekeeping troops that rape men, women, and children; has absolutely no transparency in spite of our law that demands it, or to pay for the courage and the support of people who do deserve it.

We always find a reason not to make the hard choice. I suspect we will find a good reason not to make the hard choice this time. But for $3.7 billion to help the people who help us and quit sending money that goes down the tube--half of everything we send to the United Nations gets wasted or defrauded--it is time for us to make the hard choice. That is what the amendment is about. There are a lot of reasons you can find to vote against it. It will take real courage to vote for it.


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