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Location: Washington, DC

a)-Government-run option

Today, Democrats exercised the control they wield over all three branches of the federal government by passing legislation that will eventually abolish the private market for individual health insurance. The Affordable Health Care for America Act, H.R. 3962 creates an astonishing $1.3 trillion dollars in new federal spending funded by hardworking taxpayers.

"Speaker Pelosi has twisted more arms to pass this bill than this legislation will ever be able to fix," said Congressman Rob Bishop.

Congressman Bishop further noted that this legislation:

"Will cost $1.3 trillion dollars and impose new taxes that will imperil small businesses and hardworking Americans."

"Will impose cuts to Medicare Advantage plans that will result in higher premiums and dropped coverage for more than 10 million seniors."

"The formation of 111 new bureaucracies will transfer the power from individuals to Washington bureaucrats. Americans will no longer control their healthcare future."

"1,990 pages later, even many Democrats agree this bill still doesn't solve our nation's healthcare problems."

"This legislation totally destroys efforts Utah is making to bring real reform and provide Utahns with the power to decide what healthcare option best meets their unique needs."

"The bottom line is that when the government chooses, America loses…loses more jobs, more liberty, more freedom, more personal options and the ability to decide what is in the best interest of their future."

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