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The Cooper-Wolf Safe Commission Bill

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC

* Mr. WOLF. Madam Speaker, the national unemployment rate is 9.8 percent with nearly half of the states reporting increases in the month of September. And it is growing--it could reach 10 percent.

* The national debt is approaching $12 trillion, and the `09 fiscal year registered a staggering $1.4 trillion in red ink. Meanwhile the House is expected to consider a health insurance reform package with a price tag nearing $900 billion, with a Government run public option.

* America is going broke.

* We have watched the dollar slide--recently reaching a 14-month low against all other major currencies--which if not addressed this could lead to even higher consumer prices.

* We can't spend our way out of this mess, and it won't magically get better without action from Congress.

* The country is in trouble and it's time to stop the bleeding.

* The action that will lead to a solution is the bipartisan commission Jim Cooper and I have proposed with every spending program on the table with tax policy. Over 75 members of the House support this idea.

* Senate Budget Chairman KENT CONRAD and ranking member GREGG have similar legislation in the Senate. So do Senators VOINOVICH and LIEBERMAN.

* The Cooper-Wolf SAFE Commission bill is an opportunity to create a renaissance in this country for our children and our grandchildren.

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