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Price Calls On President To Act On Afghanistan


Location: Unknown

Congressman Tom Price (R-GA) issued the following statement urging the President to address the recent request for more resources in Afghanistan by General Stanley McChrystal.

"If history is our guide, wars must be run by military leaders, not politicians in Washington," said Congressman Price. "Today our top commander in Afghanistan has voiced loudly and clearly that to complete our mission against radical insurgents, he requires the full resources of a counter-insurgency strategy. Yet while our commanders are expressing urgency, and casualties are rising, the President has seemingly put General McChyrstal's request in a drawer.

"Delaying action on Afghanistan only puts our troops in greater danger and moves us no closer to success. And achievement is not possible with only half a commitment. The President must be dedicated to finishing what he called the ‘central front' in the war and take a course of action which puts the United States and its allies on the offensive. As the Generals have been clear, and with the situation deteriorating, I call on our commander-in-chief to act like one."

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