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Price Statement On Administration Order To Delay Troop Request


Location: Unknown

Congressman Tom Price (R-GA) issued the following statement following reports that the Obama administration has told General Stanley McChrystal not to request the urgent resources he deems necessary for victory until an unidentified future date.

"Just months ago, President Obama laid out his new mission for Afghanistan and installed his own commander to implement it," said Congressman Price. "Now, the President is showing an equivocation that appears to have more to do with politics than achieving success in the field. General McChrystal has made it plainly clear that victory is possible, but it will require the President to fulfill his commitment to a counter-insurgency strategy and to do so quickly.

"The artificial delay imposed by the President is a disservice to the troops and commanders striving to defeat our enemies in a hostile region. The President must promptly make clear what his plan is for our men and women in Afghanistan. This is no time to put a political strategy before a military strategy. If victory is possible, Republicans stand ready to fully support the President and the mission in Afghanistan. Yet if he no longer believes Afghanistan is the central front for defeating al-Qaeda, then he must explain this 180-degree turn to the American people."

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