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Boozman Statement On President Address On Health Care Reform

Press Release

Location: Washington D.C.

<br> Boozman Statement On President Address On Health Care Reform

U.S. Representative John Boozman (R-AR) today issued the following statement on President Obama's address to lawmakers.

“After nearly eight months in office and nearly 30 speeches about the importance of health care reform it is time that President Obama outlines specific details about his vision for reforming a broken system. I am glad that he is open to working in a bipartisan manner and I am hopeful that the final bill will include ideas that I support including tort reform. The President mentioned tort reform and I hope that he will follow through on this commitment.

Ideas of associated health care plans and allowing Americans to own their health care plans much like they own their car insurance plans would greatly help improve access to quality, affordable health care.

However, from discussions with my constituents there is an overwhelming point that must be made in this debate and that is to take the public option off the table. Unfortunately his proposal does not do this.”

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