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Dr. Cassidy: "Stimulus" Bill Like Treating Heart Trouble With A Leg Cast

Press Release

Location: Washington, DC

Today, Congressman Bill Cassidy (R-Baton Rouge) issued the following statement on the recently passed "stimulus" bill:

"When you see a sick patient, first you make a diagnosis and work from there to find a cure. Everyone agrees that our current economic problems are driven by a weakened housing market and a decline in consumer spending. To cure the economy and create jobs, we have to be laser focused on these issues. This bill is not. As great as the spending sounds, it reflects the same lack of fiscal discipline that is really the root cause of the problem."

"It would be as if a patient came to me with heart trouble and I treat her for a broken leg."

"The only way to cure the economy and create jobs is to go to the root causes. We need a bill that jumpstarts housing, manufacturing, and consumer spending with broad tax relief and job-creating investments in infrastructure, not a bill that saddles our children with too much debt for too many projects that will not help the economy."

Seven Democrats joined every Republican in voting against the bill.


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