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Where Are The Jobs?

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC

Mr. AUSTRIA. Mr. Speaker, as I travel across my district, whether I'm talking to our good farmers, small business owners or manufacturers, what they're asking me is, What are you doing to bring back jobs to Ohio? What are you doing to save jobs? What are you doing to turn this economy around?

Mr. Speaker, the stimulus bill certainly has not yet improved our economy. This chart next to me shows what the administration projected would happen with unemployment numbers as a result of the stimulus. And what's really happening, as you can see, the dark line is what would happen with the stimulus package; the light line without the stimulus package; and most importantly, this dotted line, which is what's really happening and that is skyrocketing unemployment.

In Ohio our unemployment rate has reached 11.1 percent in June, the highest it's been in decades; and this is unacceptable. Now if we don't do this health care reform package correctly, it could hurt small businesses and may cost jobs. We're going in the wrong direction.

Mr. Speaker, I ask you, Where are the jobs?

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