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High-Quality, Affordable Health Care Choices

Location: Washington, DC

HIGH-QUALITY, AFFORDABLE HEALTH CARE CHOICES -- (House of Representatives - July 15, 2009)


Mr. YARMUTH. Mr. Speaker, opponents of health care reform have tried for months to attack our efforts to bring high-quality, affordable care to all Americans. Their favorite scare tactic has been to allege that a public option will somehow lead to a ``government takeover'' of health care. This could not be further from the truth.

Under the plan we introduced yesterday, the CBO projects that just 3 percent of Americans will be enrolled in the public plan once it is fully implemented, hardly a government takeover. In fact, the CBO estimates that employer-provided plans will have millions of new enrollees under the legislation and that most of those Americans using the health care exchange will choose private insurance for their coverage.

This is a uniquely American solution that combines the best of the public and private sectors to bring some much-needed competition to the health care marketplace, giving American families the peace of mind of knowing they will always have high-quality, affordable health care choices.


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