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Life And The Health Care Reform Bill

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC


Ms. FOXX. Thank you, Dr. FLEMING. I appreciate you organizing this Special Order tonight and the comments of my colleagues from Pennsylvania. My colleague from Iowa and you have both been very eloquent tonight. I won't try to add a lot to the really terrific comments that you all have made, but I did want to come and lend my support to this Special Order tonight and say that I certainly share with you the horror of the fact that this bill is going to be the largest expansion of taxpayer-funded abortion in history. We spoke out against it in the Rules Committee. We've been speaking out against it for days but to no avail. And I was thinking also about what you were saying a few minutes ago about dehumanizing. I think that one of the big concerns that I have and that many people are having in the debate that we've been having with health care funding and with the attempt by the Obama administration and Speaker Pelosi to turn our health care in this country upside down, the greatest health care system in the world, to turn it upside down and have it be given over to government control is the great fear that many of us have about rationing care and the fact that we are concerned that the attitude toward abortion, which has permeated our colleagues on the other side, is going to be extended to other people in our culture, particularly to the elderly. And I agree with you. It doesn't take much to go from not recognizing the humanity of an unborn child to not recognizing the humanity of someone with a handicap or a challenge, a physical challenge, to not recognizing the worth of an older human being. I think that is a great fear that many of us have in our country.

I was thinking about the rules process. Being the newest member of the Rules Committee and going through the appropriations process for the first time, we have been protesting for the last 3 weeks the way the majority has handled rules and the way it's handled amendments. We have been closed out from being able to offer amendments that would put folks on the record for how they feel, not just about this issue, which I think is by far one of the most important issues we're dealing with in this Congress, but on lots of them. Today we had 11 amendments from our colleague JEFF FLAKE. I voted for every single one of those amendments because it cut pork-barrel spending and earmarks. However, the argument from our colleagues on the other side is that there isn't enough time to have an open rules process because they want to get through appropriations right away; and yet if we had an open rules process, we could have put some of the amendments that have been put together by you, Congressman Pitts and others--one dealing with access to abortion, for example. Again, we know that this bill that you have been talking about is going to require abortion clinics in communities that don't want abortion clinics. We know that 85 percent of communities in this country do not have them, yet this bill is going to mean that there are going to have to be abortion clinics or abortion providers made available in those communities; and the reason we were told that we couldn't offer these amendments to try to stop these things was because there wasn't enough time.

The other point I would like to make is, this afternoon the Rules Committee met; and we are going to deal with a bill that is not at all needed right now. But it's going to deal with opening up more Federal lands to wild horses and donkeys. Yet we are passing legislation that is going to result in the deaths of millions of unborn children. People are saying to me, What has happened to our country? I am frightened to death for our country and the direction in which it is going. And I think there are very few things that will point out the inconsistencies in the way people around here talk about things and what they actually do than to say, We took up the time in the Rules Committee today; and we're going to have on the floor tomorrow a rule which is going to deal with that issue about wild horses and wild donkeys; and yet we don't have the time to debate whether or not we want to take money from people who are strongly morally opposed to abortion and allow abortions to be done with our taxpayer money. So I believe the American people are waking up. I just hope they come out with a strong voice and say, This is not what I want my country to be doing.


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