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Conference Report On H.R. 1, American Recovery And Reinvestment Act Of 2009

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC


Mr. MORAN of Kansas. Mr. Speaker, there is not a person in this country that is sheltered from the economic challenges we face. I agree steps should be taken to stabilize the economy and get people to work. However, I feel that the plan presented today is not the right one to boost our beleaguered financial condition.

Spending vast amounts of borrowed money does not work in our households and it does not work in government. These habits are what brought us to this current situation. Individuals, businesses, and especially government have simply borrowed too much. Living beyond our means has consequences. We cannot borrow our way out into prosperity. More importantly, we cannot spend our children's future. It will not work economically and it is wrong morally.

Bundling a large collection of spending projects and calling it a stimulus does not make it stimulative. The purpose of the stimulus should be to spend a dollar in a way that will create greater than a dollar's worth of economic benefits. Spending a dollar in certain ways that have stimulating effects or reducing tax burdens on workers and small businesses is what we need to be doing.

I will again vote ``no.'' I do so as a taxpayer, a father and a public official entrusted to do the best he can for his fellow Kansans. Political posturing has no place in this debate. We need to get the country moving. Unfortunately, this is the wrong plan that will add billions of dollars of frivolous spending to our national debt without stimulating our economy.


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