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FOX "Fox And Friends" Interview With Representative Eric Cantor - Transcript


Location: Washington, DC


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MR. KILMEADE: In a public confession, South Carolina's governor, Mark Sanford, admits to having an affair. He has stepped down as head of the Republican Governors Association, but will he keep his job as governor -- should he?

Let's ask Republican Congressman Eric Cantor of Virginia.

Congressman, welcome back to "Fox and Friends".

REP. CANTOR: Well, good morning.

MR. KILMEADE: First off: Your take on Governor Sanford. Should he remain governor of South Carolina in the events that happened yesterday?

REP. CANTOR: You know, look, I think as far as his remaining governor, Brian, is up to the people of South Carolina and that will play out.

But listen, Governor Sanford apologized yesterday. Clearly, people not only in South Carolina but around the country hold their elected officials to a higher standard. I think that Governor Sanford recognized that, explained it and we ought to be, you know, really dedicating our thoughts and prayers to his family right now. They're going through a difficult time.

MR. KILMEADE: All right. A Republican -- another Republican star -- you've been tagged that as well -- takes a body blow. Does the party really get hurt by this?

REP. CANTOR: Listen, I don't think either party has a monopoly on scandal. I mean, we've seen, unfortunately, too much of it on both sides.

But you know, really, it's about trying to focus on the issues that people really care about. And I know this story will be in the news a little bit, but you know, we here in Washington ought to be focusing on things that are really impacting people right now, which is the economy, which is jobs, health care and the rest.

MR. KILMEADE: I know you didn't take in the whole ABC show. It was on at 10:00 last night. Many people watching us right now were not able to watch it and stay up that late. So what's your take on the Obama show from the White House?

REP. CANTOR: Listen, I mean, the president has said a lot about health care and maintains it's his number one domestic priority. And clearly, I mean, we've got to do something to bring about health care reform, because we won't have the system that we're used to in this country if we don't do that.

But what is so frightening about what's coming out of the White House right now is first of all, the president is spending money that we don't have. And we will, if we're not careful, end up -- if we follow his government-centered plan -- create a situation in which people don't have access to the doctors they want, won't have the kind of choices of treatment that they want.

And long term, the consequences are going to be you will see tens of millions of people come off of the insurance plans that they like and won't be able to have it.

MR. KILMEADE: How do you get your voice out when networks give an hour of time to the president and don't let the GOP even put out an opposition ad?

REP. CANTOR: Well, listen, I am working very hard to try and reach out to those folks who make the decisions at those networks and say, look, it's not fair.

And I'm hopeful I'll have some meetings over the next several weeks to make our case, because frankly, the American people deserve better.

MR. KILMEADE: Governor -- governor, excuse me -- Congressman, Karl Rove wrote a column today saying that America seems to like President Obama, but his policies -- increasingly they seem to be against them according to recent polls. Are you getting that sense?

REP. CANTOR: I don't think there's any question. I think you see on the vote that will be this week in House on the national energy tax Nancy Pelosi's having a tough time getting the votes for that bill. And simply because I think the American people are waking up to the costs and consequences of the Democrats' agenda.

They're spending money that we don't have. They're not focusing on the priority, which should be job creation right now. And frankly, this has been the case since the beginning of the year. We started with the stimulus debate saying the Republicans had a plan that would create twice as many jobs at half of the cost and we've got to be mindful of the impact on people.

MR. KILMEADE: Are you disappointed that there's no chance now -- that the president now has flip-flopped, rescinded the invitation to diplomats of Iran to flip burgers and have hotdogs with us on the Fourth of July?

REP. CANTOR: Not at all, Brian. I think with what is going on in the streets of Tehran right now, it was an appropriate move for this administration not to side in any way with the regime in Iran as they go about brutalizing their citizens in broad daylight.

MR. KILMEADE: Congressman Eric Cantor, always great having you on. And you do have a voice here. Thanks again.

REP. CANTOR: Thanks, Brian.

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