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President's Misguided Priorities Harm Nation


Location: Washington, DC

Rep. Tom Price issued the following statement after the Obama administration announced that the Defense Department will end funding for the F-22 Raptor fighter jet. The jet is assembled in Cobb County. The program employs about 25,000 workers in Georgia and across the country.

"It's outrageous that President Obama is willing to bury the country under a mountain of debt with his reckless domestic agenda but refuses to fund programs critical to our national defense," said Rep. Price. "One of the world's most dangerous rogue states flexed its muscle this weekend with a defiant missile launch. Instead of ensuring that America has the capability to respond to all credible threats, the President has responded by cutting the critical F-22 program. This decision will not only cost thousands of jobs at a critical time, it is detrimental to the country's national defense capabilities. It seems the only place the President is willing to cut spending is on the armed forces. The President's priorities are deeply flawed. We will fight to preserve this important program."

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