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Democrats To Pin $108 Billion Global Bailout On Back Of Troops


Location: Unknown

Congressman Tom Price (R-GA) made the following statement after House and Senate Democrats indicated they would attempt to include a $108 billion line of credit for the International Monetary Fund in a bill to provide resources to American troops overseas. The IMF funding is a politically-charged maneuver by Democrats to avoid accountability as they advance their pro-bailout agenda.

"Overextended taxpayers have no interest in seeing their tax dollars outsourced to a bailout of other nations," said Congressman Price. "And they certainly don't want to see this global bailout pinned to the backs of our troops. As our military fights two wars overseas, American troops deserve the resources necessary for completing their missions and coming home in victory. Tacking this enormous bailout onto a troop funding bill is the epitome of cheap politics meeting bad policy.

"The President has taken steps toward winning the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. We cannot afford to subvert a plan for victory and hang our troops out to dry in order to let Democrats implement yet another misguided spending spree. I call on Democrat leaders to reconsider their decision and move forward with a clean bill to fund our troops."

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