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The Energy Tax Will Hurt The People

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC

Mrs. CAPITO. As this Congress debates cap-and-trade, we need to remember that coal is our Nation's most abundant resource, providing 50 percent of this Nation's electricity and 98 percent of the electricity generated in my State.

We all want a cleaner environment, but this cap-and-trade bill is not the answer. The majority's bill is a $646 billion national energy tax that will hit States like West Virginia the hardest.

It will essentially make the coal-reliant heartland unfairly subsidize our friends on the west coast and in the Northeast. An average energy bill for an average family will go up by at least $1,500, and those hardest hit will be those that can least afford it.

People in the lower-income bracket will be spending more and more of their income on energy than any other income brackets. By 2020, folks in the lower-income brackets in West Virginia could be spending between 24 percent and 27 percent of their entire income on energy. Manufacturing will also be hit with major cost increases making electricity far more expensive.

As we continue to debate this issue, Congress needs to remember that cap-and-trade has a real cost on real people.

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