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Stop Washington Spending

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Location: Washington, DC

Boozman: Stop Washington Spending

U.S. Representative John Boozman (R-AR) today voted against an hours-old piece of legislation that increases unfunded government spending.

"This bill is labeled an ‘Economic Stimulus Package' but requiring Americans to pay more taxes to fund this isn't stimulating," Boozman said. "Americans know the best way to spend their own hard earned money. During tough economic times it is irresponsible for lawmakers to approve spending that forces them to pay more to Washington."

H.R. 7110 was introduced early Friday and was rushed through the house the same day. The legislation requires Washington to spend more than $60 billion in an effort to jump start the American economy through changes in infrastructure and other public programs.

"In the same week we are discussing a $700 billion bailout to help the economy it is irresponsible to continue talks of throwing even more taxpayer dollars to try and provide relief," Boozman said.

Senate leaders have said they will not take up debate on this piece of legislation.

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