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WAFB - Bill Cassidy Sets the Record Straight on WAFB

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WAFB - Bill Cassidy Sets the Record Straight on WAFB

Bill Cassidy believes in having an open dialogue with American people about the challenges facing our nation. Don Cazayoux and his liberal supporters in DC have spent close to $1 million to spread lies about Bill Cassidy's position on Social Security. In an interview on WAFB this morning, Bill Cassidy set the record straight.

Excerpt of remarks by Bill Cassidy on WAFB:

"I have never said I wanted to privatize Social Security, and if you don't want to talk about issues, if you don't want to talk about the fact that I am the pro-life, pro-Second Amendment candidate who supports John McCain; who is for lower taxes - who would actually vote for lower taxes instead of just talk about it - then you make up lies about other issues."


"Don Cazayoux voted to put the State Retirement system in the Stock Market. Now, he voted for that, thinking it was a good idea - the State workers version of Social Security - but now he criticizes me because I point out that people have done that in the past as a way to improve the financial standing.

Now again, if you don't want to talk about the fact that 70% of your contributions are from out of state; that you want to take away the workers' right to a secret ballot, as Mr. Cazayoux does, then instead of talk about my positions - which is to let the workers have a secret ballot, lower taxes rather than raise them, strengthen Social Security and find a way to do it - then you attack me."

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