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Himes Offers Plan for Middle Class Tax Relief

Press Release

Location: Bridgeport, CT

Himes Offers Plan for Middle Class Tax Relief

Candidate highlights middle class needs, supports tax cut for middle class

This morning, Democratic candidate for Congress Jim Himes unveiled his plan for middle class tax relief. The event took place in Stamford at the home of Jonathan and Georgina Rosenbaum, small business owners, who expressed support for Himes' proposals.

"For decades, our prosperity has rested on a simple promise: if you work hard and play by the rules, you'll have a real shot at the American Dream," said Himes. "In recent years, that promise has been broken, We can begin to restore economic opportunity and security by giving middle class families tax relief. Tax relief for the middle class will enable more Americans to invest in their future, and by extension, the future of our country. For too long, Chris Shays and George Bush have given tax cuts to the very wealthy, while ignoring the needs of the middle class families that are this country's backbone. I am proposing a tax cut package that will help people achieve three pillars of the American Dream: owning a home, sending children to college, and saving responsibly to build wealth over time."

"As a small business owner, we know first hand that these are hard times," said Jonathan Rosenbaum. "We pay more and more for healthcare, college tuition, and gasoline and at the same time, we're in the middle of the worst slowdown I can remember."

"Jim is someone who really cares about families like ours," said Georgina Rosenbaum. "Jim Himes understands the challenges we face, and I'm supporting him because I'll believe he'll deliver for us."

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