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Issue Position: National Security

Issue Position

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Issue Position: National Security

Because of my family's harrowing experience on 9/11 and my service in Iraq and around the world in support of the Global War on Terror, I take our nation's security both personally and seriously. I believe that confronting terrorists on their turf is essential to thwarting attacks on ours and that American military power should only be deployed when a vital U.S. interest is at stake.

A vital national security interest is indeed at stake in Iraq and that we must be victorious. Victory in Iraq is achieved when Iraq is not a "safe haven" from which terrorists can plot attacks against America, our interests, or our allies; Iraqi security forces can protect their citizens from terrorist thugs; and Islamic radicals no longer threaten Iraq's new democracy.

Here at home, we must simultaneously work to prevent an attack while also preparing to deal effectively with a terror strike or natural disaster. First responders, particularly those who are in areas facing the gravest threats, must be adequately funded, equipped and trained.

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